one function de/compression code (LGPL or similar)?

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Subject: one function de/compression code (LGPL or similar)?
Posted by:  emer… (emerth)
Date: 1 Aug 2003

I have a projectthat reqires moving
a 400k XML file from a server to a
low power Win CE handheld across a 802.11b
link. I'm using straight IP sockets
for comms.

I'd like to compress the XML file before
sending it, & decompress it on the other

Could anyone suggest an LGPL or public domain
implementation of a decent fast compression
routine written in ANSI C or standard C++?

MS's embedded C++ for CE seems ever so slightly
not up to standard & the handhelds are pretty
limited, so I'm trying to find some code that
might achieve around 1:2 compression with good
speed on rather redundant ascii text.

Basically, the handheld is limited in storage and
CPU power -- I would use zlib or such otherwise.

Any advice would be welcome, and thanks in advance.