Help required (Webcams)

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Subject: Help required (Webcams)
Posted by:  lifsā€¦ (Lifson Kofie)
Date: 5 Nov 2003

I work in a LAN centre with around 70 machines, half internet, half
gaming, running on 4 2Mb ADSL lines load-balanced though Nexlands.  We
have installed webcams on 5 of the internet machines, and it's sent
our pings across the centre crazy!!!  We're getting Quake III pings of
around 160 - and people are complaining becasue of it.

So basically we're looking of a way to compress the data streams.
Customers are using them with MSN 6.0 mainly.

Any and all help will be much appreciated!!!  Otherwise we're looking
at completely restructuring our network to run the internet side
through seperate ASDL lines!!!


Lifson Kofie