Re: Efficient Floating Point Compression?!

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Subject: Re: Efficient Floating Point Compression?!
Posted by:  Sachin Garg (schng…
Date: 2 May 2006

Frashman wrote:
> Hello,
> I am search for some informations about Floating-Point Compression.
> Want pack and unpack huge masses of Floating Point Numbers.
> Have anybody an Idea how to do this effectiv?
> - tools?
> - algorithms?
> - benchmarks?

There was a paper presented on this at this year's data compression

"Fast Lossless Compression of Scientific Floating-Point Data"
Paruj Ratanaworabhan, Jian Ke, and Martin Burtscher, Cornell University

Page 133 of the proceedings

I don't have a digital copy of the paper, you can probably order it via
IEEE or drop a mail to any of the authors {paruj, jke, burstscher}

The references section of paper can point you to other
papers/publications of interest.

Sachin Garg [India] |



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