Portability of files compressed with lzo2.02

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Subject: Portability of files compressed with lzo2.02
Posted by:  paul…@gmail.com
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008

I have some data compressed with lzo2.02 on a 64 linux platform.  I
can uncompress the data on that platform just fine.  I then move the
compressed data over to a 32 bit linux platform and try to uncompress
it.  The decompression functions don't think the data is compressed.

I think the problem is the dictionary of common strings (sorry if this
not standard terminology) is constructed using data of type lzo_uint.
The size of this data type is 64 bits on the 64 bit platform and 32
bits on the 32 bit platform.

I'm about to hack around with lzo2 to create a decompress function for
32 bit platforms that understands compressed data produced on 64 bit

Does anyone know if this problem has already been encountered and

Am I misunderstanding what the problem is?