Statistical implementation of Ziv-Lempel

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Subject: Statistical implementation of Ziv-Lempel
Posted by:  thomas.giri…
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2009


I want to implement a version of Ziv-Lempel. I need it to be
statistical, i.e. it does not itself compress, but returns a
probability for the next symbol. Also the implementation should work
bitwise. (Since I am going to compress text, the compression scheme
could internally work in a bytewise manner, but I need a prediction
for every new bit.) 100 MB of memory should be sufficient.

There is a whole lot of different implementations both for LZ77 and
LZ78. I dont know which is better. Could anyone suggest me a scheme,
that is appropriate for my task? Maybe you can tell me the title of a
paper for this scheme.

Thanks in advance!