openjpeg 16 bit color image

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Subject: openjpeg 16 bit color image
Posted by:  EvilKing (…
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009

hi, alls :

dose anybody use the openjpeg's j2k encoder(image_to_j2k)
and decoder (j2k_to_image) over 16 bit color image ?

These days, I use image_to_j2k to compression some 16 bit color tiff
image, and I found that
although I set the -r( for compression ratio) or -q (for quanlity)
parameters, but the it looks
like that the compressed images's quanlity is not according to the
parapeters, if
I compute the PSNR, I found that for -r from 2 to 50, the result is
almost the same,
do I need some other setting for 16 bit images ? ( I use the default
setting except the
-r or -q options.)

Thanks a lot !