Writting fast compressors for Ram Drives

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Subject: Writting fast compressors for Ram Drives
Posted by:  Earl_Colby_Pottinger (earlcolby.potting…@sympatico.ca)
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010

      Presently working on the RAM-DISK code for Haiku-OS, this code
is to support a number of features to make it useful for modern
machines which already have fast CPUs, caching of present drives and
lots of free memory.

All these features in modern computers have removed the need for ram
drives for most users today.

One of the features I would like to add to my code is a background
compression that scans the data blocks and compresses them to free up
system memory (IE make it worthwhile to use a very large ram drive in
the few case where they still have a speed advantage).

For this reason I have been looking at what is available in very fast
compressor/decompressor systems.  I already have a very fast RLE
compressor which gains speed over other versions I found thru Google
on the WWW, it gains speed with a small sacrifice of compression

What other compressors are known for *BOTH* fast compression and

PS. I already have a SSD on my computer, transfer rates for it tops
out at 115MB/s while the RAM-DISK hits 800MB/s.  I would like to keep
speeds above +600MB/s as the compression run as a background task
separate from the RAM-DRIVE itself, but the RAM-DISK needs to
decompress data blocks before it can transfer the data.  Possible?