My Compression Technique: HELP!!!

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Subject: My Compression Technique: HELP!!!
Posted by:  Harry Potter (rose.joseph…
Date: Wed, 4 May 2016

Hi!  I promised myself that I wouldn't talk about compression here, but I n=
eed help badly.  Over the past decade, I tried many techniques.  Some of th=
em seemed to be good--until a bug fix cost me *all* of my gain.  Now, I'm u=
sing the following techniques:

*  Canonical Huffman code (I think)
*  MTF (8-bit version)

Now, I have some tweaks to LZSS (although they probably aren't giving me an=
y more than 2%).  I have ways of shortening non-power-of-two ranges.  I als=
o have ways of shortening lengths of un-LZSS-compressed blocks.  In MTF, I =
have a way to shorten short references.  I thought of a new way of compress=
ing.  It helped slightly at best.  :(  I did my research and tried differen=
t ideas.  They didn't help yet, but byte pair encoding and BWT show promise=
..  Am I missing something?

BTW, if I try the Vitter Adaptive Huffman Code technique, should it help a =
lot over my the Canonical version?