Lossless compression competition: call for submissions

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Subject: Lossless compression competition: call for submissions
Posted by:  Maxim Smirnov (msmi…@gmail.com)
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020


Are you a developer of lossless-data-compression software, or do you know s=
omebody who is or has an interest in this topic? A new lossless data compre=
ssion contest is started: the Global Data Compression Competition.
This event targets developers and owners of lossless-compression software (=
compressors). This year it will cover text data, images, mixed data from ex=
ecutable files, and small-block compression. Also, the competition includes=
multiple speed categories for different compressors=E2=80=94such as univer=
sal, text specific, lossless image processing, and quantitative-data proces=
sing=E2=80=94whether designed for fast compression or maximum compression r=
Winners will receive substantial monetary prizes and formal awards. The tot=
al prize pool this year is 50,000 EUR. Submissions will be accepted until N=
ovember 20.
Check out https://globalcompetition.compression.ru to learn more about the =
event and how to participate. You=E2=80=99re welcome to join in or just tra=
ck the forthcoming leaderboards!

The competition is organized by Moscow State University Graphics & Media La=
b (www.compression.ru/video), sponsored by Huawei, and supported by Encode.=
su, the biggest online forum for discussing data compression.

Please consider sharing this information with anyone who may be interested =
in this topic.