compgt Blog: Should i bring the top tech companies to court?

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Subject: compgt Blog: Should i bring the top tech companies to court?
Posted by:  Gerald Tamayo (comp…
Date: Sat, 4 Jul 2020

Hi all,=20

I see you're in Facebook or Google, etc. I have many FB messages to Mark Zu=
ckerberg, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc.=20

I am asking billion$ from these companies since i was the child Genius/Wiza=
rd who planned them and invented or greatly improved technologies for them =
in the 1970s to the 80s. And it was my maneuvers that were followed by the =
computer industry, favoring IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Samsung, Google, =
Facebook, etc. It was my planned well-coordinated release of products and t=
echnologies in a timetable of decades.=20

I am supposed to be founder/majority shareholder of these companies.=20

I should sue these companies, but immediate out of court settlement is more=
appropriate for me. I ask $100 billion and $110 billion from Facebook and =
Google respectively, for example, but of course just a few billion$ will su=

It should not come to lawsuits per due respect for me, for what i had accom=
plished for this computer and tech industry. But this is literally about hu=
ge money being stolen from me on the outset.=20

I wonder if anybody from, or Yann, or Jyrki, has already read my =

The pictures of Yann Collet and Charles Bloom in SqueezeChart, and Matt Mah=
oney here in and in his site, and Jarek's in a news report online=
recently are *very* familiar, suggesting to me that we'd met already befor=
e during Star Wars/Cold War/Star Trek time. I created Star Wars and Star Tr=
ek too i am also asking million$ or billion$ from Hollywood.=20

My memories are real (i.e., i'm not dreaming or imagining things, 99% true)=
since i can definitely recognize my voice in the bands Bread and America s=
ongs, and in some songs of Queen and Nirvana, and in many other songs. I am=
the real voice behind these songs. Cool to you, perhaps? ;) They made me f=
orget about this, maybe too much of a genius to them, but in reality it's a=
bout my money being stolen from me. (Should i bring the top Hollywood music=
and movie companies to court too? However, i don't have the resources or t=
enacity to pursue such lawsuits that may take a long time.)=20

It's just money, but our memories are treasured and golden they are so impo=
rtant to us they make us what we are.=20

I wonder if you can help me with the tech companies such as Facebook or Goo=
gle be aware of my blog...=20

But be careful. This is the big leagues industry (product of Cold War) that=
we are dealing with here. I thought maybe it is the data compression commu=
nity after all that will help me to get billion$ from "the tech giants that=
i created".

In reality, the modern Nations that i created (i.e. US, UK, China (Asia), e=
ven Russia) betrayed me.=20

(This post and my blog is to make you aware of how the tech giants, and mus=
ic and movies, came to be).=20