create indexing table to search database?

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Subject: create indexing table to search database?
Posted by:  vonclausowi…
Date: 1 Aug 2006

Hi All,

I was thinking of creating a table in my database to index all words in
the database.
That way I can quickly search for one or more words and the index table
will return the
words and records I need.

For example the iTable would look like this:

iID = autonum field
iSourceTable = text field
iSourceRec = numeric field
iWord = text field

Whenever a new record is added the iTable gets filled with all the
words from text and memo fields
in that new record, so for example:

iID = 1
iSourceTable = B (meaning Biographies)
iSourceRec = 102 (record number in Biographies)
iWord = "Male"

and so on for all words.

Then when I want to search for example for the word HOBBY, the iTable
will get all
records containing iSourceTable = "B" and iWord = "HOBBY".

Does this make any sense or should I do this in another way?