HELP: Reports: changing values of YES/NO fields

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Subject: HELP: Reports: changing values of YES/NO fields
Posted by:  mmcquade.foru…
Date: 3 Aug 2006

I've built a CROSSTAB query that will list attendance for classes.
Since the ATTENDANCE table tracks if someone was ABSENT with a yes/no
field, the results of the crosstab show "-1" if checked.

I create a report by building the labels and set the control source of
each textbox. It's working well and the correct data is showing, but
here's the prob:

1. If someone was absent (ATTENDANCE.ABSENT = "NO" [field type:
yes/no]) then the value in the box is -1

2. There is a total of all values, so I can keep track of how many
absences there are for a particular student.  While it sums it right,
it's totaling negative values.

What I'd like to do is either replace a -1 with a checkbox who's value
is checked, as well as, really, multiply the value of the total by -1
to get a positive value.  However, when I'm coding in VB, the auto
dropdown box shows no options for values of textboxes or checkboxes.

Any thoughts?