Relationship problem when adding records

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Subject: Relationship problem when adding records
Posted by:  Ron (ronSPAMBLOCKERwest7…
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006

Hi All,

Using Access2000, winXP.

Table 1 = tblClients displayed on frmClients via qryClients.  2nd table =
tblInvoices shown on frmInvoices via qryInvoices.  2nd table = tblDetails
shown on subform(to frmInvoices) sfrmDetails via qryDetails.

Relationship built between tblClients/tblInvoices/tblDetails by ClientID.
Relationship between tblInvoices/tblDetails by InvoiceID.  All works fine if
I input data into frmInvoice first and then sfrmDetails after.  But, if I
take the defaults of frmInvoice and just want to put in data on sfrmDetails
first, everything freezes.  Nothing gets added.  InvoiceID and DetailID get
incremented, but never show up anywhere.  I think it's probably a
relationship problem.  tblInvoices doesn't get a new record prior to the prg
trying to store the new record into tblDetails.

What am I doing wrong?  How can I get the tblInvoice table to add a record
prior to the first record being added by the subform for tblDetail table so
it's available for storing that InvoiceID to tblDetail?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.