Don't link to system tables in backend

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Subject: Don't link to system tables in backend
Posted by:  rdemyan via (u68…@uwe)
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006

My front-end code manually links to the backend file.

I was wondering what stops Access from linking to the system tables in the
backend file.  Is it just by virtue that they are hidden?

This has recently come up because I've been playing around with converting my
front end to A2003 format. At some point,  I had a corruption issue with a
system file MSStorage something.  Access kept saying it couldn't find it.
When I looked in the db Window I could see a link to it.

So I ran the code that deletes all links and then restarted my app.  At
startup the app recreates all links.  That solved the corruption problem.
But it got me thinking about the linking to backend system files.

Should I explicitly include VB Code that prevents linking to system tables
(and maybe other tables that I'm not aware of) contained in the backend.


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