Skip a report record?

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Subject: Skip a report record?
Posted by:  Clownfish (clownfish…
Date: 7 Aug 2006

I have a report that joins 12 external tables, and works great.
However, there is a time when I wish to skip printing a particular

Background:  The 12 tables all have the same fields, and are "unioned".
One field is [statusbox] and one is [Office]. The report GROUPS the
list by Office.

The logic I wanted to do in the report detail is:

If me.count>1 AND me.[statusbox] = "NO CHANGES"  then SKIP THIS RECORD

(in the above code, me.count is counting the number of records in the
group [Office], and [statusbox] is one field within that group).

Now I know I could set up the querry to ignore records who's
[statusbox] field = "NO CHANGES", but I only want to do this if there
is more than one record in this group.  If the sole record in the group
happens to be the one who's [statusbox] = "NO CHANGES" then that is
fine, and this record should be printed.

Example one:

Office    statusbox
RSO      bla bla bla
RSO      bla bla bla bla
MGT      bla bla
MGT      bla bla

in this example, the report will NOT show the 3rd record, because there
are 3 records in the RSO group, AND this 3rd record has the words "NO
CHANGES".  However, the last record would print, becuase it only has 1