Storing calculated values... Exception!

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Subject: Storing calculated values... Exception!
Posted by:  James Hallam (jahall…
Date: 8 Aug 2006

I have read through all the past topics and couldn't find what I was
after so...

I am looking to store some calculated values (don't flame just yet,
just read on!).  I have an piece of code behind a form which calculates
a percentage completion and an expected completion date of a job.  I
would like to store this information in a separate table, along with
the actual date the values were calculated.

Whenever a job is completed I can see how far off my estimated
completion date is off the actual date and make any changes neccessary.

Within the code there are a few different algorithms used to calculate
the estimated completion date, so I would need to store this value as

So Questions...
* Is this a valid exception to the "never store calculted values"
* Would the best idea be to use an append query?
If so could someone post the base code as I am not too hot with SQL!


James Hallam