Uppercase to Mixed Case Edit in Field

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Subject: Uppercase to Mixed Case Edit in Field
Posted by:  sara (saraqpo…@yahoo.com)
Date: 8 Aug 2006

I have a table where a few of the users entered vendor names ALL IN
UPPER CASE.  I have created forms to edit the data, but I can't seem to
allow changing JOE SMITH to Joe Smith.

What to I have to do to have the user change the name, but keep the
key?  Overall, I think any "edits" simply add a new record, rather than
change the existing record.

The form is simple - Choose the vendor from the drop-down list.
After Update, a new field displays:  Vendor:  [and the chosen vendor in
the field]

If the user wishes to Add a new vendor or Delete the current one, they
choose a button on the bottom of the screen and that works just fine.

The "edit" or "Change" is what doesn't work.

Don't know what code to post, so I didn't post any.