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Subject: Re: Run report on query
Posted by:  pietlind…
Date: 12 Aug 2006

Eric wrote:
> I run a report on the basis of query. I dont know how to i use filters
> in my report. I mean i have to ask user information in a drop down list
> and on the basis of that information i want to generate the report.
> Needs Help

Where do you usually find dropdown lists?  On forms.  So build a form
with your dropdown list.  On the form put a button that opens the
report.  Pass the filter in the Open event.  Something like

Private Sub cmdOpenReport()
      DoCmd.OpenReport "reportname", acPreview, "[SomeFieldInReport]=
" & Me.Controls("MyDropdown")

End sub.



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Run report on query posted by Eric on 12 Aug 2006