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Subject: Re: Tab Order Add-In?
Posted by:  David W. Fenton (
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006

CDMAPost… wrote in

> I have a form in A97 that requires many textboxes and comboboxes
> (about 300).  The customer insists on seeing all the information
> on one form so I can't break it up into several forms.  Neither
> they nor I want to use a tab control.  Because of all this, the
> Tab Order control is quite inefficient at organizing the tab
> order.  Even the trick of wiggling the mouse to the right and left
> while dragging a control or controls to the top or bottom of the
> tab order doesn't speed it up enough.  One idea is to write the
> names and positions of the controls to a file, put the controls
> into a long column, run Auto Order, then read the file to reset
> the original positions of the controls.  Another idea is to play
> with the TabIndex property, perhaps by clicking on the controls in
> the desired tab order while running code.  Has anyone produced an
> Add-In that improves the user experience for developers that need
> to change the Tab Order for lots of controls?  Does anyone have
> other ideas about a good way to do this?

You realize that you can select and move more than one control at a
time in the tab order dialog?

And that you can set the Tab Order property in the property sheet?

And that if you drop the controls on the form in order, they'll end
up with the right tab order?

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