Is there a way to secure/locked data after submit?

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Subject: Is there a way to secure/locked data after submit?
Posted by:  erick-flores (chunkyflor…
Date: 16 Aug 2006

Hello all

I have an Expense Report Interface

Users logon using Access security. They enter their expenses
information and then click on a button to display the report, print it
and sign it. What I want is, once the user finished filling the expense
report form and they click on the report button, then they will not be
able to change that information...they can of course go back and see
it, but not change/update it.

I tried uncheking the "Update" option for the tables under the
permissions for the groups but I dont quite like this, because if the
user is filling the form and move to another field and then wants to
change, for instance, the date (and have not press the button to
display the report) it wont let him change it. So, thats the problem
with that option.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance