How to combine date and time in the database

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Subject: How to combine date and time in the database
Posted by:  Luvin lunch (martina_mull…
Date: 18 Aug 2006


I'm new to access and am very wary of dates as I have limited
experience in their manipulation and I know if they're not done
properly things can turn ugly quickly.

I would like to use a calendar control to allow my users to enter a
date but I need them to enter a time as well.  It doesn't look like the
calendar control will allow times to be entered so I was thinking of
having two text boxes.  One text box would contain the date they enter
and would be linked to a calendar control. The second text box would be
of type short time and would allow the user to enter time.  I also
thought I would have a hidden date/time field.  It would be populated
by code I would run in the onChange events of the first two text boxes
and it would be bound to the date/time database field.

So to my questions:
Is this the simplest way of implementing date/time entry?
What function should I use to combine the date and time in the hidden

I'm not sure if what I've suggested is completely ridiculous or not.
Any help would be gratefully received.