Wk Range Across Multiple Years

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Subject: Wk Range Across Multiple Years
Posted by:  dailem (mdail…@checkngo.com)
Date: 22 Aug 2006

I'm trying to create a query that will run with criteria that includes
the most recent eight weeks of data (by week number).  The problem that
I can't get around is how I handle the first 7 weeks of a new year.
The current way that I generate my eight week trend is to take the most
recent week number (from a tbox in a form which returns the most recent
week #) & use a statement which says:  'Between (wk#) and (wk# - 8)' ,
which will work except during those first 7 weeks.  What I want is for
the query to go back to the previous year & include the necessary weeks
to complete the eight week trend.  I've thought of a few different very
complicated options, but this can't be that tough, Can IT?  Any help
would be much appreciated!!