Help Designing Speaker Evaluation Database

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Subject: Help Designing Speaker Evaluation Database
Posted by:  puttypapyr…
Date: 23 Aug 2006

I am having trouble designing the tables and establishing relationships
for a survey database for the purpose of evaluating speakers for a
variety of events.  After every event, the attendants are asked to fill
out an anonymous survey assessing the overall effectiveness of the
seminar (on a scale of 1-10) in addition to giving a 1-10 rating for
each speaker and associated content at the event.  I'd like to set it
up so that I can enter in survey data straight from the survey but I
don't know how to deal with the issue of the variable number of
speakers at every event.  The questions are very straightforward:

Rating of Event
Additional Event Comments
Rating of Speaker 1
Rating of Content 1
Module 1 Comments
Rating of Speaker 2
Rating of Content 2
Module 2 Comments

How would I compensate for this?  Also, after all the survey data is
entered, is there a way I can calculate the standard deviation of the
ratings for each speaker (as well as the overall event rating) and
present it in a report?  Thanks.