Dealing with Duplicate Information

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Subject: Dealing with Duplicate Information
Posted by:  afr0ninja (morris.matthew…
Date: 24 Aug 2006

Hello, I'm dealing with some order/inventory information where I need
it in summary format so I can retain it, add to it without duplicating,
and just make the reporting cleaner.  I'll list an example of what I'm
trying to accomplish below.  I'm pretty new to access, but I'm pretty
well rounded with excel.  I'm not sure that I could accomplish what I'm
trying to do in excel even, so any ideas or suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.

Delivery        Item    Material    Description            Net weight
2093073741    000010    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900001    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900002    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900003    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900004    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900005    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900006    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900007    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900008    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900009    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900010    56749259    Item                                    1000
2093073741    900011    56749259    Item                                    1000

In the 'Item' column items that are 000010 are almost like a header,
Items starting with a 9 are detail about item 000010.  Delivery is an
order number, Material is a SKU number.  Net Weight is the quantity of
an item per line.

What I'm trying to do is get it to show me item 000010 with a total of
all the weights on the order, not listing them line by line.  I've
listed just one example from the report I'm working with.  The report
actually contains up to several thousand records, and has each order
listed like the example above.  Also, each seperate delivery number has
it's own 000010.  Meaning that if there are 5 seperate orders there are
5 000010 codes.  The 9 numbers vary depending on how many items are

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!