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Subject: Re: Access database Design
Posted by:  Phil Stanton (ph…
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006

Suspect you want another table TblCharges

ChargeID Auto PK
BookingID (Fkey)

Then you can have as many logs on and off and as many rates as you like for
each booking.

You wont need the date and time information in your TblBookings

Input the info using Booking information (witthout the dates and times) on
the main form and the ons, offs and rates on a subform



<boyle…> wrote in message
> Hi
> I am working on a Access database and have run into a design problem.
> Bit of background - This is how a booking works.
> A booking is taken from a client and a date/time begining of booking
> and a date/time end of booking. A staff member is then sent to the
> client. This is stored in a bookings table.
> BookingID (Pkey)
> clientID
> StaffID
> dateBegin
> timebegin
> dateend
> timeend
> my main problem is with charge rates.
> If for example a booking is taken on a friday from 12 noon till 10am
> the next day. Charge rates may be from 10am till 5pm at one rate then
> increase for the night time and then reduce again at 7am in the
> morning.
> My other problem is this information needs to be stored incase the
> charge rates change and I want to look back over previous bookings but
> obviously want to see the price i charged not the price with the
> updated charge rates.
> Now I know how to calculate the bookings on the fly using a function /
> queries etc. My problem is I dont know how to contruct my tables with
> out storing masses of data
> Help
> Thanks in advance
> Boyley


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