Access best database for this application?

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Subject: Access best database for this application?
Posted by:  No Spam Man (blahblahbl…
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006

I am not a programmer and in the past have only created very simple, flat
file databases.  Although I'm a newbie, I think I could probably figure out
basic Boolean logic and financial functions.

The database I want to create would import quite a few records -- maybe as
many as 100,000. I would be importing them from an Internet source (comma
delimited) to my desktop so that I could manipulate the data how I wanted.

Despite the large number of records, the answers I need to extract from the
data are very simple.  I need to get answers like this:

"For all sales made between 1-1-2005 and 12-31-2005, and that were made in
Region A, [and a few other criteria], what was the median sales price?"  Or,
"Give me a list of all Regions that meet the following criteria."

Given all this, would Access be the best database for me or is there a
better choice for my skill level and needs?  The choice doesn't have to be
perfect, but my top priorities are reliability and ease-of-learning (in that

Thank you.