Exit Sub / Exit Function not good enough!

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Subject: Exit Sub / Exit Function not good enough!
Posted by:  BrianDP (bdp2…@gmail.com)
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014

I have a piece of code that is common to two "procedures".. Two different b=
uttons on a form do some "fiddling around", then both of the buttons call a=
piece of code that I've set off into a Public Function (My favorite Public=
/Global Stuff!) =20

The problem comes in that if the public sub finds a problem and wants to ex=
it, it returns it to the original calling procedure.  I suppose I could exi=
t returning Negative, instead of positive, and fix the problem like that, I=
just wanted to know if there was a shorter way - Just Exit.  Period.  Stop=
running all code.  Done.  Stop!  But don't quit, or exit the form.  Just s=
top running code. =20

Any ideas?

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