NSF account & receivables

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Subject: NSF account & receivables
Posted by:  flymo (fly_…@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2014

Hello All

I have a very mature Access app that has been customized significantly over=
the last 10 years.  Is was designed primarily to manage a very specific bi=
lling process with a very simple payment input and so far has produced very=
well.  The issue of NSF payments arose and as this was not designed to be =
an accounting system, I created separate tables/forms & reports to track th=
ese items so they would not affect the A/R account.

Now the client wants to add the NSF tracking into the same payment table, m=
eaning potentially multiple NSF/Payment values being applied to the same in=
voice - and a real mess (IMHO.)  I cannot get the negative values out of my=
calculations on forms & reports....drivin me crazy

The client uses the output from this system to load into they own accountin=
g app (and do not want to integrate the systems as the financial system is =

Any workarounds that anyone can suggest using the negative payment idea?  S=
hould these be separated in different tables?  Add a new field on the table=
to filter?