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Subject: Form sizes
Posted by:  Phil (ph…
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2015

Can anyone explain

I have anbound form with no form header or footer, only the detail

There is the following code

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)

    Debug.Print "Detail Height: " & Me.Section(acDetail).Height _
& & " Inside Height: " & Me.InsideHeight & " Window Height: " &
Me.WindowHeight _        & "  Window Width: " & Me.WindowWidth _
        & "  Width: " & Me.Width & "  Inside Width: " & Me.InsideWidth

End Sub

If I set the Border style to "None" I get
Detail Height: 3288 Inside Height: 3270 Window Height: 3555 Window Width:
7530  Width: 6994  Inside Width: 7530

If I set the Border style to "Sizable" without changing anything else, I get
Detail Height: 3288 Inside Height: 7440 Window Height: 8370 Window Width:
9330  Width: 6994  Inside Width: 9030

So what are inside heights that can be either bigger or smaller than the
detail height? Why is the inside width greater than the form width?

Am I correct in assuming all measurements are in Twips?

It would appear that the Navigation Button is 285 high (3555-3270) and that
visually looks about right and the vertical borderS (top + bottom is 645 high

Is there a guide to what the various sizes mean?
Where do scrollbars, navigation buttons, Scrollbars control boxes etc. fit
into the measurement system?