Creating sequential values in a query

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Subject: Creating sequential values in a query
Posted by:  internet.shoppi…
Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2019

I am creating some queries to enable the transfer of data from my system to another one.

One of these relates to Bills of Materials.  The relevant fields are:

ProductCode, ComponentCode, SequenceNumber


A1234  C333  10
A1234  D776    20
A1234  D888  30
B333    E777    10
B333    C333  20

For each ProductCode the components need to have a unique SequenceNumber

In my system I do not have sequence numbers (not sure why they are needed in a BoM) but in the other system they are.  So I need to create them.

I can do this by creating a temporary table and then putting them in by code but is there a way in which this can be done in a query?