Restoring records from backup

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Subject: Restoring records from backup
Posted by:  internet.shoppi…
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2019

One of my users deleted a record from the system - a perfectly legitimate a=
ctivity that needed his confirmation before it happened.  He then realised =
that he had made a mistake and asked me if I could recover the record.

He was not fully away that there were a number of related tables and so the=
deletion of the single record gave rise to a cascading deletion of many re=
cords in about 8 other tables.

Fortunately all these were available in a recent backup.

The primary key of the main table is an AutoNumber as is the case with most=
of the other tables.  So that all the restored records would still be rela=
ted correctly I wished to preserve the existing (AutoNumber) values.  I use=
d an append query to update the tables from the backup.=20

Soon other users were reporting problems with duplicated values in tables.

What I had forgotten was that in restoring the records and preserving the A=
utoNumber values the base number for new records was wrong. =20

I know how to reset the autonumbering but it is a bit of a pain.

What I am wondering is how others manage a restoration.  I want to maintain=
correct relations between the restored records and to have newly added rec=
ords to the tables be given correct autonumbers.