Excel Automation not working due to Policy or Micorsoft Update

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Subject: Excel Automation not working due to Policy or Micorsoft Update
Posted by:  jfortune8…@gmail.com
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2019

Hello everyone. I'm doing a tiny project for a former customer.  I found th=
at in my absence, an Access programmer used a legacy graph environment for =
access that doesn't work on Access 2016.  My first thought was to use Excel=
Automation in Access 2016 to replace using a Microsoft Web Access Componen=
ts dll. But both Excel Automation and the Shell() command aren't working at=
all.  I used to use both at the same location several years ago.  The netw=
ork person thought that a Microsoft Update from a few months ago that insis=
ted automation documents be trusted was the cause.  I just tested that and =
it doesn't seem to be the cause of Excel Automation not working.  CreateObj=
ect causes the runtime error: '429: ActiveX component can't create object'.=
Is there a specific Policy setting on the network that I should be looking=
for that is blocking Excel Automation?

Thanks in Advance,

James A. Fortune

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