Is there an alternative to Refresh or Requery?

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Subject: Is there an alternative to Refresh or Requery?
Posted by:  Patrick Finucane (patrickfinucane…
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2019

I have a form using a non-updateable query.  IOW, you can't modify it.  It =
has a checkbox in the record to print it or not.  This printit checkbox is =
not in the main table but is in another table.  I guess this was done do th=
at if UserA selected a record to print, and UserB had done so as sell, User=
A would only get UserA's records, not UserB's as well.

When a user presses on the checkbox, it calls a routine to turn the checkbo=
x active since the checkbox is not editable.  Then the routine then calls t=
he form to refresh.  The refresh then sends the record to the 1st record in=
the form.  The owner wants the checkbox to display the checkbox but not mo=
ve to the first record each time a checkbox is selected. =20

If I don;t refresh or requery, the checkbox does not get updated to the use=
r.  Is there a way or command to refresh just the data of a single record, =
not the entire form or table?  So the selection does not cause the form to =
move to the first record due to Refresh or Requery?  Thanks for any advice