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Subject: Choosing a colour
Posted by:  internet.shoppi…
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2020

I am seeking help with a Colour Picker.

For many years I have used the following code.  It has lain dormant with me not needing to examine it for a long time.

However recently I have discovered that, no matter which colour is chosen in the colour picker dialog, the function always returns 1 i.e. black

Is the library msaccess.exe still kept up to date?  I can find no useful information about it when I google it.
What is this magic #53?
Where would I find a clear definition of what it is in this library with other magic numbers.

How do others offer the user the opportunity to select a colour for an object?

Declare Function adh_accChooseColor Lib "msaccess.exe" Alias "#53" (ByVal hwnd As Long, rgb As Long) As Long

Function chooseColour(oldColour As Long) As Long
    ' Use the color chooser exposed by Access.

    ' From Access 97 Developer's Handbook
    ' by Litwin, Getz, and Gilbert (Sybex)
    ' Copyright 1997.  All rights reserved.

    chooseColour = adh_accChooseColor(Application.hWndAccessApp, oldColour)

End Function