SharePoint and Access

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Subject: SharePoint and Access
Posted by:  internet.shoppi…
Date: Tue, 2 Jun 2020

The systems people looking after one of my clients is considering using Sha=
rePoint.  More staff will be working from home and they think that this may=
be a better system than using Remote Desktop Connection to the server.

They have asked me if it would have any effect on the Access databases that=
I have set up.

Basically, I don't know because I have not used SharePoint.

I have the usual setup with a backend containing the data table on the serv=
er and a separate copy of the frontend on each person's computer.  I distri=
bute new versions of the frontend with AutoFE that compares each person's c=
opy of the frontend with that on the server and copies the newer version to=
their machine if necessary.

How would the use of SharePoint affect this setup?

Will I need to modify my database in any way?