Subform Master/Child Link using Date

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Subject: Subform Master/Child Link using Date
Posted by:  noodnutt (noodnu…
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020

Hi Team

Main.Form = [frmDashboard] = [tblDashboard]

[dtfToday] = Short Date
[lnfToday] = Weekday(dtfToday,2)

Attached Subforms:
[sfrmList_30_E] = [qryList_30_E]
[sfrmList_30_I] = [qryList_30_I]

I have the Master/Child link for both as:

Master: = [dtfToday]
..Child: = [dtfAlertDate] - Short Date

The Criteria: Forms![frmDashboard]![dtfToday]

Without the Criteria, I see all the data, but! if I apply the criteria, I see nothing.

I should be seeing all the records that match today's date, of which there are several.

Any thoughts please!

As always, many thanks for your time.