Error 2114 Under Windows 10

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Subject: Error 2114 Under Windows 10
Posted by:  croy (
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2020

I have a "family photos" database that I put together years ago, under Access 2000.  The main
form shows a view of the photo, in addition to other photo metadata.  The photos are all .jpg,
and stored in a separate directory.

I had been running Windows 7 Pro until yesterday, and the database was working perfectly.  Then
I "upgraded" to Windows 10, and now the database won't show the photos on the main form.
Everything else seems to work fine, even the button for opening the image in Irfanview.  But it
won't show the photo on the main form.

If I open my filtering form, and put in something for criteria, I then get:

"Run-time error '2114':

Microsoft Access doesn't support the format of the file
'D:\Docs\Family\LFP_Quick\Small\2871-2.jpg,' or tile is too large.  Try
converting the file to BMP or GIF format."

I don't think I buy that explanation.

I also have a laptop that came with Windows 10 Home, and I put the db on there, and it shows
the photos fine.  The one difference between the two machines was that the desktop was running
Access 2002, while the laptop is running Access 2000.

So I uninstalled Access 2002 from the desktop, and installed 2000.  No help!

So I copied the db from the laptop to the desktop--no help.

I thought the Windows build difference might be showing its hand, so I brought the laptop up to
the same build as the desktop, 2004, tried the db and it still works great on the laptop!

Internet searching hasn't helped (so far).

Has anyone here figured this out before me?