Why the memory usage of SqlServer doesn't go down

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Subject: Why the memory usage of SqlServer doesn't go down
Posted by:  Jenniflower (yhzh.z…@263.net)
Date: 1 Aug 2006

Hi Gurus,

Our system is using SqlServer 2005 on XP.( On my machine,only this
application access SQLServer.) The sqlserver memory is configured to
128MB (Min)~512 MB(Max)

After our system get started, sqlserver takes about 100M memory. After
the system runs for a while, the memory used by sqlserver goes up to
512MB. Then we exit our application and expect the memory usage of
SqlServer could be dropped down to the min value. Unfortunately, it
seems SqlServer never release any memory until we restart it.

I thought dynamic memory configuration means that SQLServer can auto
shrink memory usage if there is no more database accessing. But based
on my observation, SQLserver just holds all the memory . :(  How can
we  let the sqlServer shrink the memory usage accordingly to workload?

I do appreciate for your help!

Best regards,