Accessing SQL2005 as a Second Instance to SQL2000

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Subject: Accessing SQL2005 as a Second Instance to SQL2000
Posted by:  Mike (mjorlan…
Date: 2 Aug 2006

I'm having trouble accessing SQL2005 Standard Edition as a second
instance of SQL Server where the first instance is SQL 2000 Enterprise
Edition.  I installed SQL 2005 as a named instance "SQL2005".  The
server is running Windows 2000 SP4 ON A 32-Bit machine.  When I look in
Services I see the SQL Server (SQL2005), SQL Server Agent (SQL2005)
services there.  I went into SQL Server Configuration manager and
disabled the named pipes protocol and only have TCP/IP and by default
Shared Memory enabled to rule out that named pipes is causing the
problem.  In SQL Server Configuration Manager I created an alias
"computername$SQL2005" and was able to connect to database engine
"computername\SQL2005" through SQL Server Management Studio WHILE ON
But when trying to access the 2005 instance from another server
(64-bit Windows 2003 SP1) I'm having trouble.  On the 64-bit machine I
disabled the named pipes protocol for both "SQL Native Client
Configuration (32-bit)" and "SQL Native Client Configuration". Under
32-bit I created the alias "machinename$SQL2005" to point to the IP
address of the 32-bit machine. In SQL Server Management Studio when
trying to connect to the database engine "machinename$SQL2005" it
defaults to the SQL 2000 instance.  How do I access the SQL2005
instance from a remote server?

Any help would be appreciated.