ODBC readonly (viewonly) linked tables....

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Subject: ODBC readonly (viewonly) linked tables....
Posted by:  Hitesh Joshi (hitesh2…@gmail.com)
Date: 2 Aug 2006


I have a prod database (main bread & bread DB) and have  a small access
database that sales team is using... I created a login inside SQL 2000
and gave db_read permission and SELECT  permissions... and public.
Role of public is EXEC store procs and view some systables...
I linked those tables that I gave permissions through ODBC link into
access db with the user that I created inside SQL as readonly user...
but to my surprise when I ran a insert query from access on SQL
tables... I was able to update and insert data... if my ODBC link is
only for readonly.. why was I able to unpdate & insert data into SQL
I don't want to give write/update/insert permissions for SQL tables to
sales team... or anyone outside SQL 2000 server DB.
Is there any easy way to create viewonly users inside SQL?
I created users like this: security -> logins -> new login...
select none serverrole.. db access (bread & butter DB)

Thank you,

Pardon my English...