SQL Server 2005 and file systems, any recommendations

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Subject: SQL Server 2005 and file systems, any recommendations
Posted by:  bjorn.augest…@gmail.com (bjorn.augest…@gmail.com)
Date: 3 Aug 2006

We're planning to migrate our db to new and more disk drives, faster
RAID levels and more dedicated disk usage(e.g. placing the translog on
dedicated disks). The db server runs on Win2003.

Right now we're thinking about what file system to use on the new
drives. We opt for performance, but expect reliability as well.(Goes
without saying, IMHO ;-))

>From what I can tell, NTFS is a journaling file system, at least it
does some journaling. I'd prefer to have no journaling and sacrifice
boot time for performance, and was wondering if it either is possible
to turn journaling off in NTFS or at least move the journal to a
separate disk. Is it doable, has anyone done this and are there any
benefits? Any downside?

Are there any commonly recommended tweaks to NTFS when the server and
disk is dedicated to SQL Server? Stuff like

How about alternatives to to NTFS? Is FAT32 viable or do we need to
look at Veritas or others?=20

TIA for all comments.=20

Bj=F8rn Augestad