SQL 6.5 upgrade to 2000

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Subject: SQL 6.5 upgrade to 2000
Posted by:  rdraider (rdraid…@sbcglobal.net)
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006

I am trying to use the Upgrade Wizard in SQL 2000 to upgrade a SQL 6.5 db to
2000.  I am only choosing to update a single database, not system objects.
The Upgrade wizard connects to SQL 6.5, checks the db, creates the db on SQL
2000 with all tables and imports users from SQL 6.5.  The problem comes when
it tries to bring over the actual data.  I get an error:
"Couldn't connection to the export machine!" in the out log file.
The in log file reports login failed.
Both SQL services were running at this point, the login via SA must be
working since it copies over the 6.5 db structure and users.
The SQL 6.5 machine is NT 4.  The 2000 machine is Windows Server 2003.  I
was logged in as domain admin when running this.  I tried playing with the
"SQLUpgrade" DSN that was created on the SQL 2000 machine to use SA or
windows authentication, both fail.

Any ideas?