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Subject: Re: Help with Database Solution
Posted by:  ManningFan (manningf…
Date: 4 Aug 2006

Try switching to Act! software.  It's built for this type of situation.

Short of that, you're going to have to code it from the ground up.
Design it on paper first and think through the way the tables need to
join to get your data to work properly.  It may take some time, but
proper database layouts will save you a mountain of headaches in the

Stephen wrote:
> I volunteer for a non-for profit group and they have alot of names in a
> multiple databases. the problem is that some people are in multiple
> databases. and if they send out a mailing from multiple databases some
> people get 2 and 3 of the same thing. my idea was to either make or find a
> program that has everyone is 1 database and then make the people part of
> multiple groups. (ex: bill is part of group a and b and im doing a mailing
> from both group i only want 1 piece of mail to go to him).
> It can be a separate program or with access. that use access now but i cant
> figure out how to make my idea work.
> any question please ask.
> tia
> Stephen


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