Moving SQL installation to a new Partition

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Subject: Moving SQL installation to a new Partition
Posted by:  Marc C (mcha…
Date: 7 Aug 2006

I have a SQL 2000 installation on a small partion that I would like to
move to a second larger partion on the same disk array array with the
config as follows:
d: full installation of prod and test instances with data and log files
100 GB
e: empty partion with 204 GB which I want to move the "whole thing"

I did an Xcopy of all files,permissions and attributes, checked for
errors, then I changed drive
letters and restarted. Only one instance came up (the other threw an
error of: MSSQL,,the system cannot find the file specified.

I realize that I could detatch the DB's and move them leaving the base
install on  the old partition however I would like to simulate the loss
of  the disk array and the restore to said  array from a backup.
(ultimately I want to delete the 2 partitions and restore from tape to
a single 300GB  d: partition)

I am trying to  buy time and avoid a re-install of SQL untill I can get
a whole new platform.
I can work it out on my own if someone can point me in the right
direction. I suspect a registry entry to a disk id (partition)