SQL Server 2005 + SQL Server Express

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Subject: SQL Server 2005 + SQL Server Express
Posted by:  farseer (farse…@optonline.net)
Date: 7 Aug 2006

I have SQL Server 2005 installed on my dev system.  I am working on an
app that i would like to distribute SQL Server with.  SQL Server
EXpress edition seem to be ideal for this.  My questions are:

-If i installed Express Edition, Can both SQL Server 2005 and Express
Edition coincide peacefully on the same PC?

-Which one will Visual Studio see? (currently i created by database
using VS, which i assumed created a SQL Server 2005 database, since
that is the sql server i have installed).

-When VS2005 is installed, which SQL Server is installed and how can i
tell which one VS2005 is using if i have both SQL servers (2005 and
Express) installed?

thanks much