Cant install SQL Server '05 EE, VB 2005, or Visual Web Dev 2005

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Subject: Cant install SQL Server '05 EE, VB 2005, or Visual Web Dev 2005
Posted by:  pine (mrehpi…
Date: 8 Aug 2006

hi! i just joined this group today after a colleague told me about it.
anyway, i'm new to SQL and haven't tried installing any version of it.
I do have vb 6.0 though on my pc.  My problem is that I can't install
SQL server 05 EE, VB 2005 or VW 2005.  I have downloaded all of the
installer from the Microsoft site as well as the dotnetfix which is
supposed to install the .net framework 2.0.

whenever i try to install SQL server EE, it is telling me that it has
found beta components. but i don't have any beta versions of SQL.  I
tried uninstalling my Vb 6.0 thinking its causing the error, but same
thing happened.

The next thing I did is I uninstall my .net 2.0 and when i try to
install VB or VW 2005, i got to the step where it is trying to download
the .net framework 2.0 but it is taking so long.  Question: is the
dotnetfix.exe which installed .net 2.0, different from the .net 2.0
that the setup.exe of VB2005 will download? if yes, may i know if there
is a direct site where i can manually download and install it so the
VB2005 will just skip that part and go on with the installation?

When i downloaded the exe files for SQL, .net 2.0, VB and VW, i did
select the SAVE option and saved them on my external mini hard drive so
I can install it at home. Does that make any difference? could that
cause the error?

pretty clear that i am a newbie with this stuff and i never thought
that it would be this hassle to install them heheheh any help, in a
detailed way if possible, would highly be appreciated.

thanks so much!