Weird DTS Problem

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Subject: Weird DTS Problem
Posted by:  KR (kram…
Date: 11 Aug 2006

have a dts package that is run by a scheduled job which was running
successfully for several months and suddenly stopped working.

The dts package does the following:  Truncates the table, does a data
pump from a specific excel file to a table on sql server, deletes the
excel file.  The job does the following:

Step 1: Look to see if a file exists and if so, run the dts package. On

success of this step the job goes to step 2.

Step2: Looks to see if any files still exist after the first step
Step3: Failure notification.  To be triggered on failure of step 1 or

The owner of the job is the Account that is used to run the
SQLServiceAgent and in the SysAdmin server role.

The owner of the job is also in the SysAdmin server role.

Both the accounts are Windows Accounts.

The job runs at schedule time, finds the file, and runs the dts
package.  The first part of the dts package runs successfully - The
table is cleared.  However it is not doing the data pump part.  There
are no failure notifications.  The job then goes to step two and sends
a message that the file still exists.  The dts task is set to output an

error file which is not being updated, which tells that the task is not

executed.  If the dts package is run manually, then the package runs

Any help would be appreciated.