SQL Server 200 Developer vs Enterprise versions

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Subject: SQL Server 200 Developer vs Enterprise versions
Posted by:  Jim Devenish (internet.shoppi…@foobox.com)
Date: 11 Aug 2006

I am having some problems in the process of moving an Access back-end
to an SQL Server back-end.  Everything works but there are severe
problems of response times when the number of users builds up.

At present we are using the Developer version before committing to the
Enterprise version.  BOL (quoted below) seems to suggest that, apart
from licensing, they are the same.

Can anyone please confirm that this is so.  If not, what is the

I may explain in another topic the problems I am facing but I first
wish to be clear on this particular question.

Quote from BOL

Microsoft=AE SQL Server=99 2000 is available in these editions:

SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
Used as a production database server. Supports all features available
in SQL Server 2000, and scales to the performance levels required to
support the largest Web sites and enterprise online transaction
processing (OLTP) and data warehousing systems.

SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition
Used by programmers developing applications that use SQL Server 2000 as
their data store. Although the Developer Edition supports all the
features of the Enterprise Edition that allow developers to write and
test applications that can use the features, the Developer Edition is
licensed for use only as a development and test system, not a
production server.