SQL 2000 only using 8GB of 16 GB available

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Subject: SQL 2000 only using 8GB of 16 GB available
Posted by:  mchi…@yahoo.com
Date: 15 Aug 2006

I have Windows 2003 Enterprise..../PAE is set.
SQL 2000 ENT, sp4, AWE is set.

In the startup SQL log...I see that AWE is enabled.

If I fix the memory below 8 GIG...it will change to whatever I set it
to...no issues.

However...anytime I set the memory above 8 GB is doesn't grab it.  THe
most it will grab is 8 GB.
I get the message that AWE is enabled...but I also get a cannot
allocate min memory '14000'.  The OS has 16 gigs of memory....and it
shows 7 GB free after SQL grabs the initial 8 GB.  Why does SQL only
use 8 gigs?

I want it to take the entire 15 gbs.  Is something in the OS holding
the memory...even though it shows available?