SQL Server 2005 Opening Script File Problem

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Subject: SQL Server 2005 Opening Script File Problem
Posted by:  moll…@hotmail.com
Date: 17 Aug 2006

I just installed SQL Server 2005 on my PC (the developer's edition)
yesterday.  I have some scripts written by one of my coworkers to
create some tables and stored procedures in a database that I've
already created on my computer.  Whenever I go to open the script file
(whose icon shows that it's a SQL Server Query File and I've got the
file type set to open with SQLWB - SQL Server Management Studio), the
file opens in Notepad instead of appearing in the query window.  My
coworker told me that he just dragged and dropped the file in the query
window and I tried that and got the same results (opening in Notepad).
I can copy and paste the cotents of the file into the query window and
run it but of course this gets cumbersome for long scripts.

Is there a setting or something that I need to change?  I have SQL
Server 2000 installed on my computer too.


Molly J. Fagan